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Developing peace through martial arts.


Who We Are

Peaceful Mind Wing Chun is my interpretation of Wing Chun Kung Fu over my lifetime of training. The system of Wing Chun we teach is a complete form of self defense including everything from striking and stand up game to ground fighting and take down defense, but it doesn't stop there. We train the forms as text books that teach us the principles of Wing Chun as well as mastering the movement of energy through the body, and then later through various weapons. We learn together, spar together, and even philosophize. Wing Chun is a lens to view the world and its usefulness goes as deep as you're willing to dig.

Current Class Times and Pricing

Tuesday - Friday:


1pm -2pm <---- KIDS CLASS!!


Pricing options are as follows:

drop-in rate 20$ per class

monthly rate 100$ per month

Private lessons can be scheduled here at the school for 50$ an hour.

Private group lessons can be scheduled for 50$ an hour + 20$ per person.

Email, Call, Text, or message me on the Facebook page to schedule private classes.


New Kids Class!!

We have added a new class to our weekly mix. Come let your little ones join ours for an hour of learning martial arts with friends. This class is designed for kids and not as structured as the normal classes, but it gives the kids a chance to make friends and enjoy practicing martial arts together. There is something fun for kids of all ages with our group that ranges from 4 year olds to 13. I truly believe that learning any martial art can have a profound positive impact on the life of a child. It's something i teach my own kids and i would love a chance to get to teach yours too. If your little ones want to learn a life changing skill and have some fun then come check out one of our kids classes.



3017 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201, USA


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3017 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201, USA

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