Developing peace through martial arts.

Peaceful Mind Wing Chun Welcomes You


Who We Are

Peaceful Mind Wing Chun is my interpretation of Wing Chun Kung Fu over my lifetime of training. The system of Wing Chun we teach is a complete form of self defense including everything from striking and stand up game to ground fighting and take down defense, but it doesn't stop there. We train the forms as text books that teach us the principles of Wing Chun as well as mastering the movement of energy through the body, and then later through various weapons. We learn together, spar together, and even philosophize. Wing Chun is a lens to view the world and its usefulness goes as deep as you're willing to dig.


Current Class Times and Pricing

Tuesday -Friday 6pm-8pm

The first class is Free, then there is a 100$ per month option, a 20$ drop-in rate option, and a 5 class 75$ option.




4702 N Cook St, Spokane, WA 99217, USA






4702 N Cook St, Spokane, WA 99217, USA

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