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BirthdayParty Package

Come celebrate your next party with us and Martial Arts !

We are now offering Martial Arts themed birthday parties. Let us host and throw your next birthday party for you. It's so easy! You provide the cake and gifts, and we decorate and provide the fun. It's a great idea for all ages!

What's included?


Work off some of that Birthday energy!

Learn real self-defense skills!


Have a blast with us!

A short instructional class on how to wield the deadly foam sword that each attendee gets to keep for their own!

Choose from a variety of colors for the decorations to personalize your party!

Pizzas, beverages, plates and napkins provided.

Partygoers get a ticket for a free week of martial arts classes, where they can continue their deadly foam sword training or any of the martial arts treasures we have to teach.

And the best part of all, we take care of the cleanup!

Frequently asked questions

Q: How many kids can attend?
A: Come and party with up to 10 friends.

Q: How long does the party last?
A: The basic package lasts 2 hours, with set up happening during the instructional class


Q: Do we need any martial arts experience?
A: We can teach you everything from the ground up! Leave it to us.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: packages start around $300 and it goes up or down depending on how many pizzas and the number of swords for the partygoers.

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