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Exciting News

Though things may have seemed quiet here at the martial arts school lately, nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from our regular training and classes, we have also developed quite a lot behind the scenes. Our instructors have been innovating new methods and ways to teach, in order to continue to provide the best martial arts training for everyone, and now we have taken it a step further toward bringing affordable martial arts training to the community!

Recently Peaceful Mind Wing Chun underwent a transformation as we included the teaching of other martial arts styles such as Tai Chi and Escrima, but that wasn’t the end of it for us. Our team worked hard and waited and now finally we would like to announce our status as a Non Profit organization. What this means for us is that we can start getting donations which we hope to use to reduce the cost of martial arts training for everyone. Our goal has always to teach people martial arts in hopes of helping improves lives and inspiring peace in the world, Now we can use our new found 501-C3 status to launch our upcoming crowdfunding campaign, where we hope to give a dozen kid the chance to train for a whole year for free. An opportunity like that would have changed my life as a kid, and now I want to give that back as much as I can.

Speaking of little ones, our kids class has been booming! Tuesdays through Fridays every week I personally teach the kids class from 4pm to 5pm, and its popularity has been growing. Come swing foam swords with us and build ability and self confidence with our friendly group of kids. Crystal coaches them through physical exercise for the first half, followed by myself teaching them a fun mix of historical martial arts with a modern flair. Come see your kid shine as they express their inner Jedi, swinging foam swords with friends and having a blast. I admit I have a blast myself and love watching the kids improve.

Improvements are happening all around as our seniors are preparing for the next competition, and our Sifu’s (teachers) are learning new things to teach and ways to practice. I could go on for pages but I’ll leave it with this. If you haven’t been here lately then you should come back and check us out. We never stop growing and there’s always something new to learn here. I hope to meet more of you in class as time goes on. Be safe until then.

Sifu Jeff Davis

Senior Instructor

Peaceful Mind Martial Arts

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